Naveed Aziz






Naveed Aziz

Chief Executive Officer, CGEn

​Dr. Naveed Aziz serves as the Chief Executive Officer of CGEn, Canada’s national platform for genome sequencing & analysis with nodes at The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto), McGill University (Montréal) and Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre (Vancouver).

Dr. Aziz leadership has enabled CGEn to fuel Canadian research and innovation, playing a key role in the advancement of technological developments within the field of genomics. He is passionate about the development of powerful and efficient solutions for big data generation, storage and deposition to “open-science” databases, enabling high-speed data exchange at national and international scale. Dr. Aziz is servers on numerous national & international scientific advisory committees.

Dr. Aziz holds a PhD in Gene Targeting from University of Dundee, UK, in addition to an MPhil in Biotechnology and an Executive MBA from Bradford School of Management, UK. His previous roles include serving as the Director of Technology programs at Genome Canada, Head of Genomics at University of York, UK and as Research Fellow at the Noble Research Institute, USA.

Dr. Aziz has a keen interest in the role of genomic in providing solutions to pressing global challenges. His experiences of working in various capacities within the field of Genomic over the past 20 years has led him to strongly believe in the notion of convergence – especially when it originates from divergent fields. In 2018, Dr. Aziz was named as one of Canada’s emerging executive leaders as a member of the adMare and Pfizer Canada’s Executive Institute program, focused on executive development of senior-level life sciences professionals in Canada.