CGEn is a Federally funded national platform for genome sequencing and analysis with sites in Toronto, Montreal and VancouverEstablished in 2014, CGEn is funded primarily by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and leverages investments from Genome Canada and other stakeholders.

What’s New

What’s New


Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To sustain Canada’s international leadership in genomics by providing breakthroughs in our knowledge of the molecular defects responsible for many important afflictions that strongly impact public health, and accelerate translation of these advances into improved health care and benefits to the community. CGEn supports hundreds of Canadian research scientists, across all disciplines of biology, in undertaking internationally competitive research based around genomics, while bringing new public and private sector partners forward, opening strategic opportunities and leveraging other investments.

Our Mission

CGEn’s mission is to enable Canadian science in basic and clinical research through the characterization of genome sequences, the promotion of this era of genome science research in Canada, and by building and operating an unprecedented infrastructure that enhances our national capacity for sequencing and informatics analysis.




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