STEP 1: To request access to the Controlled Dataset, the Principle Investigator (PI) must submit a completed Electronic Application Form to The Data Access Compliance Office (DACO).

A new form must be submitted for each new study. As part of the application, the PI should list all other research team members who require access to the data (ex: researchers, employees, laboratory personnel, etc.).

In the case of a request by Partnered Researchers requesting access to controlled-access data from collections other than their own, a project-specific application needs to be submitted to the HostSeq DACO, for Expedited Review by the DACO Chair.

*As part of their review, the DACO Chair can call upon additional advice from members of the DACO, where needed.

STEP 2: As part of its review, the DACO will consider the following information:

    • Compatibility of the proposal with the objectives of the HostSeq Databank;
    • Description of the dataset requested and availability within the HostSeq Databank;
    • Justification that the project requires access to HostSeq datasets;
    • Qualifications of the PI to undertake the proposed project;
    • Number and names of research team members that will have access to data and rationale for their access;
    • Scientific merit and feasibility of the proposed project;
    • Proof of local ethics committee approval for the proposed project (or justification as to why such approval is not required.

STEP 3: Upon approval by the DACO, a Data Access Agreement is entered into between the PI and CGEn.

Controlled access to HostSeq Databank is granted for a period of 1 year (which may be renewed, upon request).

STEP 4: Once an agreement is signed, the PI will be provided with instructions on how to create an account to access the HostSeq Databank.

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